Handcrafted Natural Bath and Body Products

Our natural handcrafted products contain chosen ingredients that caters to all skin types including sensitive skin.

  • Monique Underwood *****

    I was gifted the Honey Oat Lavender bar soap at my gender reveal and started using it in my 3rd trimester for my itchy, baby bump! This soap is a life saver! It not only soothes the itch but it keeps my skin moisturized as well! I highly recommend this if you deal with any conditions that causes dry, itchy skin.

  • Sabrina Newton *****

    I have been using the Moringa soap as a morning facial wash for over a month, it has cleared my skin without drying it out. The Mango body wash has a wonderful lather with just using a small amount of the product. So a little goes a long way! I'm a lavender junkie, the lavender oats bar smells amazing! VAS Creations has been added to my go to company for gifts. Great product at great prices!

  • Shirley Albritton *****

    Due to sulfate allergies and sensitive skin, I have spent years in search of products that would not aggravate my skin. Hats off to VAS Creations! I have been using the Moringa Soap Bar for 2 weeks, it clears my face without drying it out, leaving my skin soft and silky. The Moringa Soap Bar not only works, but it smells so Amazing!

    The Whipped Mango Coco Body Butter worked wonders on my feet in 2 weeks. I no longer have the need to go to the nail salon to have them buffed. They are smooth! The Mango Cream and shower gel smell lovely as well. The shower gel lathers nicely.

    Thank you VAS Creation for an awesome product line! I look forward to the continued use of your products.

  • Lisa Cooper *****

    Thank you VAS Creations LLC! Your natural soaps and body butter is awesome! I used the turmeric honey lemon bar soap on my face, and what a difference it made with my skin completion and uneven tones! I also ordered the men's body wash for my husband and he loves it!